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Here you will find a list of announcements, no matter what are they related to. This means that they will not be always related to Storm Productions - they can also be about something you might be interested about.

Skype has been replaced with WhatsApp and Viber on the main page

Because I'm more active on WhatsApp and Viber than on other social networks, I've removed Skype from the main page and replaced it with my WhatsApp and Viber number. If you'd like to contact me, most likely you'll get in touch easier on those two platforms than on others.

TeamTalk creator form has been permanently shot down!

Due to the spam from DarkAlireza and other people, we had to completely shut down the tt creator.
Don't worry, you can still get an account on our server by mailing us or by contacting us on Twitter about it. We "thank you" spammers for this effort to make us shut down our form, and we wish a nice staying on our server for the rest of people!

TeamTalk server is back!

Dear visitors of Storm Productions, Our TeamTalk server is back in business! Thank you for understanding, and have a nice stay on our server!

Our TeamTalk server is down...

Dear visitors of Storm Productions, our TeamTalk server is down starting from February 25th, 2019 due to technical issues. We'll try to get it back in business as soon as we'll be able to find out what's going on with our VPS. For this reason, the tt creation script is currently not working, as it is unable to connect to the server at all. We're sorry for the downtime, and we thank you for visiting it!

Our tower for Eurofly has been added!

We've added our tower for Eurofly in the Eurofly" page along with the stewardess and ground which were already added. Go check them all out and have fun!

You can now try out our stewardess and ground for Eurofly!

We have made a new page called products">, where you can view our products. Right now there is only the stewardess and ground for Eurofly which you can download and use for your Eurofly. You can also send us your own stewardess, grounds and dispatchers and we'll edit them if needed, and upload them on that page.

You can now create accounts on our TeamTalk server!

We have just finished working on our script that'll create an account on our TeamTalk server. You'll be able to join the server easily after account creation as well. Have fun!

Radio Storm has been launched!

We've just launched a new radio station! Radio Storm will let you listen to your favorite tracks and radio shows! Go ahead, tune in!

My new Skype account

Due to the serious forks that I recently got on my old Skype account, now I have to use another Skype account. Add misterstorm5 if you wanna chat.

Skype 8 release

Well, Microsoft decided to update their Skype again to a new version called Skype 8, which can look hard and strange for some of you. This is why you might want to switch back to Skype 7, and you can do this very simple - just click on this link to download it dirrectly from FileHippo. Enjoy!
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