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What's New?

Here you'll find a list of updates that have been brought to the website, including new pages, new content, etc.

20:00 10/03/2019

11:24 19/01/2019

14:12 4.01.2019

21:40 2.01.2019

22:22 30.12.2018

00:21 30.12.2018

13:11 29.12.2018

17:28 17.12.2018

As I got a HP laptop here in the hospital, I hope I'll be able to update this website more often in the days comming soon. Don't forget, though, that I'm in the hospital and my net is kind of limited to 250 MB per day only. Thanks for understanding.

9:59 PM 7/21/2018

6:19 PM 7/21/2018

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