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TeamTalk Server

Welcome to the TeamTalk Server page, where you'll find different information about our TeamTalk server.


Previously we had an automated TeamTalk account creation form which allowed you to create accounts automatically on our server by simply filling out a form. But because of spamming and trolling from DarkAlireza and other people, we had to discontinue this form and come back to the standard manual account creation method. We're sorry for this, but there was no other way to stop spammers.

Want an account?

You can simply e-mail us with your username and password and we'll be happy to create an account for you on our server.

I already have an account. What's the server info?

If you've got an account alredy, use the following server info to connect:

What do I do in case of issues?

You already know how easy is to contact us through email. Click here and you can email us. You can also contact us via Twitter or Skype. We'll try to fix your issue as soon as possible.
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