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Useful Links

Here you'll find a list of my favorite websites which you may be interested about. Check them out!

Available Links


The best website to upload your audios on! They can be about everything, doesn't matter.

Ask your Question

Got a question to ask the blind community about? This website will surely help you! Go ahead and register into this website and post your first question!

NV Access

NV Access website, where NVDA, the open-source screen reader's home is.

Florian Ionascu's website

Are you a developer of an application, game or website and want it translated into Romanian, English or Italian? Go ahead and contact him and order a translation!

Tiflo Space

The Social Network "Tiflo Space", where you can play the popular Russian game OnToys. If you haven't yet played this game, go ahead and Register into it and after that download the client and have fun!


Download the old, but still interesting beat maker app called Drummer.
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